1. Click the Offers tab.
  2. Click the New Offer button.
  3. Give your offer a name. This name is only for your own internal use to identify the offer in your offers list. Shoppers will not see this name.
  4. Choose the products to show in the upsell offer popup and decide whether to discount them. You can discount them via:
    1. Fixed Discount Amount (e.g., $10 off)
    2. Percentage Discount (e.g., 10% off)
    3. Discounted Price (e.g., $10/unit)
  5. Decide when your upsell offer will appear - (a) on add to cart button click OR checkout button click) and set any requirements that must be met for the offer to appear including:
    1. Limit the upsell offer to only appear on certain product pages
    2. Require the shopper have certain items in their cart before showing the offer
  6. Choose a title and description to appear in your upsell offer popup.
  7. You’re set! You can now save your offer.
  8. Test your offer on your storefront to ensure it’s appearing as you would like.
  9. If you’ve set a discount on items in the upsell offer popup, try checking out with an upsell offer item in the cart and ensure the discount is appearing at checkout.

Important limitations

This is a brand new app and has a couple important limitations that you must keep in mind:

  1. Upsell Now is compatible with AJAX carts in the free Shopify themes. If it's not working with your theme's AJAX cart, contact support for assistance (
  2. Upsell Now uses Shopify’s draft orders feature to give discounts on upsell items. Draft orders in Shopify do not yet support discount codes. If a shopper is receiving an upsell offer discount, they won’t be able to use discount codes at checkout.